The School

Apex Public School is a co-educational institute offering CBSE curriculum . It is a Day cum Boarding School established in the year 2014, located in Patna, Bihar. It is an innovative educational institution that imparts holistic education in a stress free air. The school provides a pleasant and creative environment to make teaching and learning effective and enjoyable. It is devoted for the enlightenment of young minds through right education that touches the soul of every learner. The cool and calm ambience cherished by the surrounding greenery provides unobstructed stimulation to promote concentrated intellectual exercises.
The state-of-the- art infrastructure facilities promotes the intellectual pursuit of students from primary to secondary level. The endeavor to bring out the best in every child does not stop in classrooms. Extra-curricular activities in arts, sports and literature are a part of the school’s schedule.
The school has the pride of having a team of excellent teachers who have proven their capability and dedication. They are trained professionals who have the devotion of a mother and skills of a child development expert. 
The school has the merit of all its students securing nothing less than distinction and first class in the public examinations of CBSE. Performance of our students in the CBSE has brought laurels of honour to our school. 
The school is run by Umang Utsav Education Society – a non-profit, non-proprietary, charitable organization dedicated to the educational and social upliftment of the society.

With excellence in educational qualities the Globalization and Internationalization are always the beauty of this new era school with the facilities of excellent sports and hi-tech classrooms. The infrastructure is set to well-maintained campus with stirring doorway adjoins the values to the beauty accompanied by the library with all modern furniture, precise laboratories and genuine academic practices support an unbeatable privilege to the students.

"Today's education is tomorrow's future of the child" - aiming this concept, our professionals' team tag along the progress of each child in every bit of facet to the learning. On the basis of skills and capabilities of the child, we bring in the varied methodologies for overcoming the lapse of concept clarity followed by disinterest towards the subject.

Our special educators and counsellors would always be ready to this context. We provide remedial intervention on one to one basis or in small group sessions. To emphasise the universal and qualitative education amongst students, we always try to facilitate the children with the best in all areas.

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