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Elementary Student
  1. Students should arrive at the school at least 5 minutes before assembly. No one who has been late may be admitted to class without an admittance slip from the office.

  2. The school does not provide any transport facility. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to ensure the safe transportation of their children/Wards to the school.

  3. Silence within the classroom is mandatory. While changing classrooms, show concern for other classes in progress.

  4. Books, magazines, comics or newspapers may not be brought to the school without explicit permission.

  5. Damage to school property is repaired at the cost of the responsible party.

  6. The school is not responsible for goods lost. Students are advised not to bring valuable articles to school. Book bags, pencil boxes and tiffin carriers should be marked with the student’s name.

  7. In case of a contagious disease in their homes, the students should not return to school without the usual clearance from the doctor.

  8. Any student found using unfair means during an examination will be debarred from further examinations and is liable to be detained/expelled.

  9. When school is in session, parents should not visit the classes or teachers without explicit permission.

  10. Students are advised not to buy food from the hawkers who crowd around the school. However, the canteen facility may be made available within the campus for a limited period of time during the school hours. Only such snacks and soft drinks will be sold in the canteen as permitted by the school.

  11. Since students have a habit of studying just before an exam, the stress will now be on continuous assessment, through weekly tests. If a student misses any of these tests, no provision will be made for a retest. Continuous assessment is also supplemented by projects, quizzes and co-curricular activities.

  12. A student who is not habitually clean or properly dressed in the school uniform, will be sent home.

  13. No student is permitted to drive a motorized vehicle without the written permission of the parents and the Principal.

  14. Students are not permitted to leave the school campus at any time during the school hours. Parents are advised NOT to request the office for such permission.

  15. Parents are advised not to send a sick child to school only for weekly tests or for Semester exams.

  16. In the event of any unscheduled holiday the following or any other convenient Saturday will be class day with the time table of the day missed.

  17. Students are forbidden to give their teachers individual or collective presents. Collection for any purpose requires the Principal’s sanction.

  18. Students must be present on the opening day of each term (Summer, Puja, X-mas) failing which 3 marks will be deducted from each subject.

  19. No provision is made for supplementary test for those who remain absent from tests and terminal examinations. No provision for re-examination or promotion on trial is made for failed candidates.

  20. Students are forbidden to strew the wrappers of the chocolates and other edibles items anywhere in the campus other than the dustbins provided at different corners in the campus.

  21. The facility of a book store will made available in the School campus for the convenience of the students. It will be for the purpose of having an easy access to textbooks, note books and school stationery.

  22. No student is permitted to bring any electronic gadgets like mobiles, cameras, I-pods etc to school. If found, the gadgets will be confiscated and will not be returned.


1. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence, habitual late coming, leaving the school premises without permission, disobedience and any type of unruly and objectionable behaviour.

2. Writing, scratching, engraving graffiti, drawing and splashing ink or defacing the school walls, furniture and property.

3. Gluing stickers and posters of any kind on the school property.

4. Use of foul and unparliamentary language.

5. Neglect of Homework, disobedience and disrespectful towards members of staff or bad moral influence.

6. Buying eatables from street vendors

7. Resource to use of unfair means during examinations.

8. Making noise, talking loudly, shouting, jeering, hacking, booing, name calling, making cat calls, hissing, mocking and whistling, at any time.

9. Participating in any incident of bullying and ragging.

10. Being in restricted areas, ground, empty class rooms, secluded areas, behind buildings (when class is on and without permission.)

11. Collecting money, contribution and donation without written permission of the Principal.

12. Smoking in and around the campus.

Important: No parent or student shall give misleading facts/opinions or any blog(s) to website, social media channel(s) about the school, any teacher or student. If they are defamatory in nature or deemed to be so by the Internal Review Committee, it would be considered as a serious breach of Code of Conduct.

1. Trinket, Jewellery, Henna, or Tattoos

2. Objectionable literature or expensive items.

3. Cell phones, iPods, CD, DVD, e-games, pen drives, cameras, music players, obscene materials etc.

4. Crackers, fireworks, fire arms and any other inflammable material.

5. Gift of any kind for distribution in school even for birthdays.

6. Toys, any dangerous instrument, tobacco products, alcoholic drinks, chewing gum, banned food items.

1. All students of the school are members of the library.

2. Strict discipline and silence should be observed in the library.

3. Library books should be taken care of and returned on the due date.

4. Marking, underlining, writing or damaging pages of the books are strictly prohibited.

5. A clearance certificate is to be obtained from the librarian before applying for Transfer Certificate.


1. Late fine after 7 days: Rs. 1/- per day.

2. Loss of book: to be replaced with same book or current cost of book to be paid.
The school has a well-equipped medical room.

1. A comprehensive annual medical checkup of each child is done by qualified doctors to monitor the child’s physical growth. A medical card to record the health status and growth of the child is maintained and a report thereof is sent to the parents for information and necessary action.

2. First aid treatment is given by a medical team in case of accidents and emergencies.

3. Parents are informed immediately and may be intimated to take their ward home.

4. While the school assures all possible precautions and care, the school management will not be responsible for any adverse consequences.
All our considerations are in favour of child, his/her safety, well being and good education. All rules have been framed keeping that in view.

1. Students cannot be called to the school office to attend to phone calls during school hours.

2. Parents are requested not to compel the teachers to give private tuitions to their ward as it is not permitted.

3. All the Scholars personal record & medical history in duplicate must be filled by the parents and submitted to the class teacher on the 1st working day itself.

4. The pupil’s Diary is to keep you abreast of the day to day progress of your child; his/her assignments and keep in contact with his/her teachers.

5. The Diary should be checked every day and assignments completed by the child regularly.

6. The class teacher should be informed if there is any change in address or telephone number. The changes should be recorded in the diary as well.

7. Parents/Guardians are not permitted to enter classrooms to meet their children or to seek unscheduled interviews with teachers during school hours.

8. Polythene bags are not allowed in the school.

9. Any communication that parents wish to make with the school should be made on A-4 sheet and must be addressed to the Principal. E-mail is the most preferred form of communication.

10. Parents are requested to visit the school website/ Integral Web School regularly for updates (especially for non-scheduled holidays).

11. Half days and short leaves are not granted to students.

1. A student must not remain absent without prior permission of the Principal. A leave application is to be submitted for the same.

2. If a student remains absent from school, due to illness or emergency, even for a day, the parent needs to fill in the ‘Non Attendance Record’ found in the school almanac.

3. If the leave is for more than three days, the student needs to submit a leave application.

4. Leave application and leave record should be duly signed by the parents or guardian.

5. Leave will not be granted on the reopening or closing day of a term.

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