Elementary Students
PRIMARY (Class I -V)

The curriculum for Primary school programme at Apex is designed by our own expert faculty in accordance with the CBSE curriculum to cater to the specific needs of young learners of age 7 to 11 years. It is a five year course comprising of Classes I to V . These are the foundation years of formal education where various skills and abilities are developed. Students are introduced to a formal learning environment where they have definite standards to achieve in terms of knowledge, skills and character. This programme helps students build competencies in communication skill, mathematical skill and enquiry based concepts in environmental studies.
English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS, GK and IT are compulsory academic subjects. Arts, Sports, and other co curricular activities play a vital role in the personality development of the children. A variety of strategies and methods are used to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to learn. Using multi media enables the students to have concrete understanding of the topics.

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