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Back to school..... All you need to know

It is not often that we write a back to school blog multiple times in one academic year. This feels like a new year started, however, for many teachers as children went back to schools over the last few weeks.

We know schools were never really closed. Schools during this latest lockdown seemed to be pulled in so many directions. More students, than during lockdown 2020, were in school taking the places for key work and vulnerable children. Then a heightened level of expectations on home learning provision for those children not physically in school. Some children were in school part time and using remote learning part time. Teachers were having to teach during the day in class and then either make resources in the evening to set for home, or somehow teaching while being recorded or watched live at the same time. A couple of years ago we would have laughed at the very idea of asking teachers to do all that. An impossibility which was, unfortunately, made a reality. The good news is that the vaccine rollout and the reduced strain on hospitals seems to have meant it was at least all worthwhile.

But what will we find has been the impact on the children of this time? Optimistic me would like to think the majority of children are going to bounce right back – from the boredom to the academic gaps which may have occurred. We know teachers are used to finding those gaps and bringing children up to speed. For those who have many years of school ahead of them we are likely not to see a major impact on the majority of children in a decade, say. For some individuals the impact will be higher, for any number of reasons, and it is hard to predict who that will be as many have found it is not simply the “disadvantaged” cohort who are necessarily the ones who have gone back the most – so many factors came in to play for so many families that no two households looked the same.

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