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Top tips for a school virtual open day

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

With schools still unable to have a traditional type of open day for prospective parents, we know the schools we work with have been getting very creative welcoming parents.

Looking from a parent perspective, what kind of information will we be looking for on your school website to replicate the feel we would have received from a school visit?


Rather a simple one in many ways, as many of your key documents will already be on your school website no doubt. Parents do like to be able to pick up a prospectus or some leaflets or sheets of information on an Open Day. We can help you create a prospectus for printing to send to parents, or we can create a professional page turning e-prospectus which you add to your website and send links to prospective parents by email. We even have 6 ready made prospectus templates providing a low-cost option to get started.

Past the glossy prospectus parents also often use an open day to find out about school policies, uniforms, and even school lunch information. Creating an area of your website for prospective parents can help them to find all of this information in one place rather than having to navigate the whole website. A homepage pop-up window can also make this really easy to find. It’s a good, eye catching function to add during this time of year when many parents will want to find out more about where their child is going in September.

Meet the Headteacher

Parents do love to meet the headteacher of the school their child is due to attend. That personal friendly message from a smiling and welcoming face can really set their minds at ease. Many schools are choosing to have virtual open days at live times online so that parents can “meet” the headteacher virtually on a video call. If you want to supplement that with a video which is available at any time, for working parents who may miss the calls, it can really give parents a good first impression.

We can help you to make a professional welcome video, or you can simply record your own and embed it on a page on your website via a few different ways – get in touch to find out about the options.

A tour of the school

This is the trickiest one to replicate in many ways, as you cannot give the same atmosphere online as you can in the excited and purposeful buzz of your school building. However, many schools like to use our interactive campus maps or virtual tours so that parents and pupils due to come to the school can take their own tour. This gives them freedom to “wander” around your school buildings at their leisure, all from the comfort of their homes.

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