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Elementary School
  • “Academics First” and “Student-at-the-Centre” - To be committed to academic excellence.

  • To focus on the individual student and inspire each student to do his or her best and realise his or her full potential. This is to be facilitated by small classes, a "learning by doing" environment that combines hands-on experiences with learning by doing, and close relationships between our teachers and students.

  • To develop each student’s interest in and enjoyment of a broad range of activities including sport, music, art, drama, outdoor pursuits, and service to the society, providing opportunities for developing each pupil's skill and knowledge in these areas.

  • To develop extra-curricular activities, which both in quantity and quality lastingly develop personality, achievement and skill. To integrate visual and performing arts and athletics both within academic program and as extracurricular activities.

  • To provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment in which each student feels that he/she is valued as an individual and where he/she learns that his/her own attitude to others is fundamental to the success of this aim.

  • To be a school where students from varied backgrounds feel equal where their social and academic needs are met in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support.

  • To help all students to recognise the value of the commitments they make around them, as well as to their own studies, not least so that they can understand their lasting responsibility to the wider community. In doing this, the school seeks also to prepare students socially, morally and philosophically for life in a wider sense, stretching chronologically as well as geographically beyond the confines of school.




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